Ecotourism in Ecuador

Ecotourism in Ecuador has grown extremely popular in recent years. To take advantage of this boom many tour agencies and hotels have slapped the prefix…
Ecotourism in Ecuador

Ecotourism in Ecuador

Ecotourism in Ecuador has grown extremely popular in recent years. To take advantage of this boom many tour agencies and hotels have slapped the prefix “eco” in front of their names in an effort to attract clients. To know if you are really getting the ecological experience that you’ve been promised, check out Ecuador’s definition of “eco”.

The vastness of Ecuador’s natural wonders offers endless ecological experiences, painting a panorama where biodiversity breathes life into every crevice of its landscapes – from the Amazon rainforest, through the mystic cloudforests, to the evolutionary marvel of the Galapagos Islands.

Embarking on an eco-tour to the Ecuadorian Amazon is a journey into the very heart of life on Earth. Here, beneath the verdant canopy, teems a world of astounding complexity and richness, where every rustle and chirp tells a story of survival and symbiosis.

Ascend to the cloudforests and you’ll find yourself enveloped in a cool, ethereal world. Shrouded in mist, these high-altitude havens are home to an astonishing array of species, many endemic, making every step a discovery.

Venture to the Galapagos Islands and you enter a land that Darwin himself hailed as a living laboratory of evolution. Unhindered by human presence, species have adapted in remarkable ways, making for unforgettable encounters with wildlife.

An eco-tour to Ecuador is more than just a holiday. It’s an immersion into a fascinating world, one that illuminates the intricate beauty of nature and stirs a profound appreciation for the vital need for its conservation.

Extraordinary Ecotour Experiences in Ecuador

Check out these hand-selected providers of ecological experiences that have also proven to be ecologically and culturally responsible.

Eden Amazon Lodge – is a newly-opened eco-lodge near the Napo and Tiputini Rivers in one of the most remote, wildlife-rich areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon managed by a Kichwa indigenous community who have lived in the forest for centuries. This is a rare chance to experience a completely authentic Amazonian culture that few travelers get to experience, as they struggle to maintain their ancient ways in the forest. They offer paddle canoe trips, walks through the amazing rainforest, and visits to our canopy tower. Nature walks range from short 30-minute walks, all the way to 6-hour hikes through the Amazon.

Latin Excursions – and CEO Eric Sheets have a long-established reputation for designing high-end exclusive ecologically-focused tours and cruise adventures to the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. If you want a unique experience not available anywhere else, Eric is the guy to call.

Ecuador Unlimited – offers a wide variety of eco-tours ranging from the rainforest of the Amazon to the cloudforests near Quito. A large selection of Galapagos cruise options are easily bookable online.

Galapagos & Ecuador Insiders – takes you to the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon and Ecuadorian Cloudforest organizing all the logistics to discover the country’s top rainforest eco-lodges.

Adventure Life Galapagos Eco-Tours – offers Galapagos tours on yachts or land-based multi-sport adventures. They can assist travelers in selecting quality Galápagos eco-tours & ensuring the uniqueness of the Galapagos is preserved for future generations. Part of your travel cost goes directly to grassroots conservation efforts in Galapagos.

El Monte – offers charming riverside cabins in the Cloudforest surrounding Mindo. El Monte, owned by an Ecuadorian-American couple, provides an array of activities including, horseback riding, hiking, swimming in natural pools, birding, and whitewater inner tubing down the Mindo River. At the end of the day savor home cooking by candlelight and listen to the night sounds of the forest.

Green Horse Ranch – offers horseback rides from 1 to 10 days through many of Ecuador’s most beautiful and biologically diverse areas. Experienced, multi-lingual guides lead all trips and the Ranch’s horses are sensible and people-friendly. Green Horse tours start in an ancient volcano near Quito, which is part of a National Park with amazing landscapes and historic sites. Green Horse also offers an optional visit to the Ecuadorian monument La Mitad del Mundo. All tours include full transport, entrance fees, and great meals.

Latin Trails – See, listen, smell, touch and taste Ecuador. Enjoy biking, horseback riding, hiking, community stays, or yoga. Soft adventures and off-the-beaten path travel. Focus on custom-designed and interactive travel experiences, so you can immerse yourself in Ecuador and the rest of South America, be it a Galapagos cruise, Amazon adventure, Machu Picchu expedition, or even a Titicaca lake cruise. Many itineraries are community-based and support local cultures, by helping develop sustainable economies through tourism.

Otobo’s Amazon Safari offers what has to be one of the most amazing adventures to be found not just in Ecuador, but anywhere in the world. Otobo, a Huaorani native, invites you to his territory in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon to experience the Rainforest and all its magic. This has all the elements to be the trip of a lifetime. you’ll trek through the forest behind your local Huaorani guide and a bilingual naturalist inside the Yasuni National Park.

Sacha Lodge – is a dream for wildlife lovers. Primary Amazon Rainforest, a birdwatching tower, a butterfly nursery, an extensive network of trails, and comfortable accommodations make Sacha Lodge one of the world´s premier eco-lodges.

Surtrek – has organized eco-tours to the Galapagos for families, groups, and independent travelers for over 25 years. Their founder and CEO Alfonzo Tandazo has been an active and influential member of the local travel community for decades. They also have an extensive number of Galapagos cruise options that are all bookable on their website.

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